“Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary, Time is tonic, Tribulation is a test tube.”
[William Arthur Ward]

I was not ill, but I am back in balance and alignment. A very interesting day yesterday where what I tried to do and accomplish (on my list)
was thwarted at each turn. Frustrating! Messages kept coming forward, very meaningful, and then I got it. Step back and let go.
Doreen Virtue in Mornings with the Lord, had this message for me yesterday. “The disciple Peter says that we shouldn’t be surprised when we face adversity; because sometimes it comes as a test…. They arise to test our faith…… So, choose to be steadfast, relying on Holy Spirit every step of the way.”

I know that when I ask for help it appears, sometimes in disguise, and will address my needs.
I give thanks for answers to prayer and ask that we would all be blessed today to hear the messages of faith.