Creating 1 – Dreaming

Dreams are seeds created in the subconscious mind, a place of fertile planting.
During sleep we open channels for thoughts and desires to come forward and float us through multidimensional passageways and caverns. Dreams are discoveries in motion, often indicating a time of newness, transition and change.
Ideas and feelings in the conscious mind surface through our dreams, bringing them to a place where we are safe and secure to explore them. A place where we have the ability to determine the experience and the outcome.
Dreams are essential building blocks symbolizing the life you have been, the life you are, and the life you want to create. Seeds to plant and nurture.

Creating 2 – Planting Seeds

March is the time of the Spring Equinox, the perfectly balanced halfway point of light and dark as we progress to the summer solstice and the longest day of sunlight. It is time to take our thoughts, ideas and words that we have so carefully cultivated in our mind through the winter months, and ready them for planting. As we tended these potential seeds we assessed and valued their capacity for growth and expansion. We have made our soil ready, filled with the resting benefits of dormancy and warmed by the Light that shines within us. With careful reflection, we choose where to place our seeds, and desire an environment encircled by harmony and tranquility.
Giving great thanks and gratitude, we offer a prayer for life anew and are able to release them, gently to the earth.

Creating 3 – Illuminating

You are a being of Divine Light bringing more light into the world. Your heart space radiates light and you absorb light energy. Light ignites and generates warmth, like a flame. Light attracts with its radiance, like moths to a porch light.
We are asked to be a beacon in this world to help others see their path and walk forward.
Open your heart space and allow your light to shine.

Creating 4 – Artistry

Creation is the highest form of artistry. Using our minds and spiritual energy, we are able to
transform an entity; an idea, an object, a process, into that which we envision:

  • another aspect of its dimension
  • another stage of its development and usefulness
  • another passage of its growth and expansion.

I think of this when planting flower seeds with intention in my gardens. Their small hard shells tucked into the warm earth to be nurtured, opened, and fully developed. To emerge as sprouts, then seedlings, then blooms. To bring life anew in their beautiful unique forms.

We choose to bless the world with our creative energy. In doing so we are of service to the greater good, the higher realm. In doing so we extend beyond ourselves to be one with the whole.

“One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth”

[Dorothy Frances Gurney]