Spirit 1 – One with the Divine

Our spirit is eternal and resides within us in all lifetimes and in all circumstances. Yet like a distant friend [twin] we spend our lives corresponding and learning about each other. We grow together but not always in sync and not always linked, based on our choosing.

Our spirit is our connection with our soul, the place of oneness with the Divine Creator. The heart, the place of the 4th Chakra energy and LOVE, is the place of our soul, the center point of the mind~body~spirit. The bringing together of all there is, and that shall be.
Our spirit continually seeks to be one with soul. One with the Divine.

Soul is a bridge, a connection beyond the self, the higher self.

The connection to the Angelic realm, to God, to our soul’s purpose and our life path. Whether we believe in a soul or not, we will yearn for it and instinctively come back to search for it in the meaning of life lessons, to find it again.

There is a difference between believing in something and knowing. Knowing is when you find your soul. It has been trying to find you all your lifetimes.

Spirit 2 – The Emotions of the Soul Garden

Your Soul Garden is filled with attributes and emotions that reflect your life: past, present and future. For centuries, flowers have been assigned qualities that indicate a specific message or intent when grown or given. The Sanctuary of Your Soul will be filled with colors, fragrances, patterns, and images of your life.

The following is a partial list of interpretations of flower meanings as referenced from The Language of Flowers, by Nicolae Tanase; and The Victorian Flower Dictionary, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

Spirit 3 – Experiencing our Brilliance

There is a spiritual connection with the fall which arises from our heightened senses. Visually the colorful array of changing leaves across the landscape reflect the times in our life of “peaking”, of brilliance, of knowing. There are voices in the wind, in the rustle of the leaves through the trees, messages that ask us to look deeper and flow with life changes. Some things that are familiar are withering, a reminder of the natural processes of living and the human life cycle, spreading seeds and root ready to emerge at the time of next planting.

Embody this space of time. Breathe deep, inhaling the newness and freshness of the crisp air. All that is, is as intended.

Spirit 4 – Honor the Harvest

The seasons of the year match our seasons of growth.
In Winter we have a season of rest, solitude and inward thinking bringing the past, present and future into thought processes.
In Spring we experience our rebirth, the fruits of planning and consciousness in the planting of our seeds.
Summer is a marked time of growth and blooming as we expand from our roots and enlarge to become more, what we envision.
And Fall, the time of harvest, a time to reap the fruits of our efforts and intentions that become whole.
Honor the harvest as the time to see the beauty of our lives as they are presently and as they progress on our life path.

Spirit 5 – Finding Balance

Consider… as Autumn progresses the areas of you life, the things that you hold onto.
Consider what you feel needs to be let go of to provide harmony and balance in your garden. Consider what no longer serves you, what is not in your best interest, what blocks your intentions and progress in life, what is negative and judgmental.
Consider situations and relationships that need to be accepted as they are and forgiven so any negative energy can flow out from your core.
“I release all souls from my agendas for them” Julia Cameron writes in Heart Steps, encouraging us to accept past hurts and transgressions for the lessons they have provided, and forgive. Forgiveness allows you to move forward.

Nature shows us many examples of letting go.
The leaves fall from the trees, exposing their bare branches, the truth of their existence.
The gardens have bloomed and bountifully produced; now wither having released their seeds.
The birds who migrate, begin to move without question, to preserve their living environments.
It is all part of God’s plan for us to prepare for the dormancy and silence of winter.
As you open your mind~body~spirit to allow energies to move from you, take a moment to bless them, for they have been instrumental in your growth and development along your life path.
Now, as with the falling leaves, these energies have outlived their time and must fall away, decomposing in your garden to nourish your earth.

Spirit 6 – The Imbolc Midpoint

Our spirits soar with the turning of the calendar page as we mark the time, half way to spring.
We are on a journey of rebirth!
Ideas stir within us, creating opportunity to manifest that which we desire, creating opportunity to release all that no longer serves us, and begin anew. This is a time of change and transition to the new life within us.
For as within, so without.
Breathe, and make room for your higher self.

Spirit 7 – Resurrection, Giving of New Life

April is a month of celebration as life is now visible and tangible to us! No longer hidden under the surface of the earth, we are keenly aware how Mother Gaia regenerates all of nature with unlimited benevolence. The soft petal pansies and Johnny Jump-ups arise in nestled groups while tender crocuses and hyacinths lift their heads to heaven. The ground becomes a stage as vibrant tulips debut their colorful costumes with confidence. The earth breathes again!

As we celebrate this month of resurrection, our rebirth is mirrored by the Universe in all that surrounds us. We ascend in levels of growth and enlightenment bathed in Divine Light.

Spirit 8 – Joy, The Relationship with our Higher Self

Our Higher Self exists within our heart center, connecting the eternal self with spirit. The Higher Self is authentic, trusting, loving and pure. Joy resounds in all we are, say and do as it receives spiritual energy flowing from a place of wholeness and love. Being one with our Higher Self is a process of growth and alignment, truth and desire. Love creates the changes we wish to see in ourselves and in all things, knowing in faith we are guided in Divine Timing.

Spirit 9 – Energy Transmission

The world inside of us is a dynamic network of vibrational communication and interpretation, channeling thoughts and messages. Energy flows through us in waves, which we utilize to experience, grow and develop further. At this time of year we may feel swept up in the motion, the ever increasing flow. Close your eyes and breathe slowly, breathing in its magnitude. Rest in it as if you were floating on a stream, secure and safe, allowing spirit to guide you.

Spirit 10 – The Pantry of Your Heart

Think of your heart as a limitless pantry where you can go to create the life you want. All the ingredients you could imagine are available to you. Not in a material way, but in a spiritual way which promises more than you can ever imagine. Divine Love, compassion, generosity and forgiveness for yourself and all others; our hearts are always full and waiting for opportunity.
When the contents are used for the good of all, it replenishes. Open the door, and begin the creation, it is all there for you.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."

[William Wordsworth]