Helix of Growth

Helix of Growth 1 – Foundation and Structure of the Soul Garden

From our seeds, new life shoots pierce the soil and begin their upward climb, always toward the Light. The shoots are forming stems and buds from which our blossoms ultimately flower, stems made of a 3-part Helix of Growth which support us throughout our life journey. The Helix is entwined and repeats itself, we develop, experience and then expand as we choose.

We develop, experience and expand as we choose.

All roots give rise to seedlings, tender shoots which enlarge and strengthen over time. The active life form above the soil that is visually seen. The stems rise to support our germinating and increasing nature, giving them foundation, a base from which essential nutrients flow and nourish. Our stems grow upwards, always seeking the Light, growing in steps associated with the progression of our mind~body~spirit, forming leaves of progression, an outward sign of accomplishment.

With the first fusion of egg and sperm we begin a physical transformation so perfectly orchestrated, synchronized and planned that what we need is created for us in Divine Order. At conception, we are immediately supported and begin our growth processes, recognizing that as humans we also perceive, interpret and choose that which we wish to incorporate into our behavior, thoughts and beliefs. Expansion is a unique process for each of us, creating either positive or negative learnings and reactions. Partial or negative expansions will always resurface at other times, giving us opportunity yet again to develop further, experience, and choose once more.

It is planned for us to grow in stages, each stage building on the previous one and preparing us for the future.

“One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth”

[Dorothy Frances Gurney]