Mind 1 – Connectedness and Guidance

As you are reading this, you are using the skills of your mind, the bountiful gifts of cognitive development, thinking and reasoning. The mind is an organ of the body, housed in the brain, but it is not of the brain. The brain is tissue and matter, a product, which can conduct and transmit messages giving us capabilities. Our mind, the culmination of connectedness, interpretation and instructions seeks to guide our body actively and passively, voluntarily and involuntarily to our highest good.

Infancy opens the mind to receiving limitless information and associated actions. At its base level these are reflexes and response to needs.

Like our body, our mind develops in a progressive and parallel manner, linearly and multi-dimensionally. Eager.

Mind 2 – Creating

You are on a spiritual journey and your life is filled with endless possibility.

Our minds envision and create that which we wish to see and be.

As we set out each day on our path, each step leads us in a direction and each step builds upon all others. Each day has purpose in our life.

No matter where we have traveled we are not far from our life path. All routes lead us back to where we need to be.

Mind 3 – Our Tree of Life

When we come into this world we are born with an internal spiritual design, a blueprint to start us forward in our life journey. “Life Began in a Garden”, with its origins to the parable of Adam and Eve, confirms for us that the bounty of the ethereal garden is available to all within their choosing.

At birth, planted seeds are sown and we emerge as a Tree of Life. Uniquely and individually, the Tree of Life grows in accordance with our development, experiences and expansion, following seven emotional attributes: Love/kindness, Wisdom, Understanding, Discipline, Compassion, Humility, Ambition, Bonding, and Sovereignty/Dignity.

Teachings related to the Tree of Life are found in almost all religions and cultures depicting a bridge between heaven and earth, and spirit and physical being.

Mind 4 – Weeding the Garden

Every garden requires weeding from time to time, certainly at least once a year or perhaps more often with changes that occur within the phases of your lives. Spring, summer and fall provide opportunities to move through your garden with careful eyes and hands to keep all your beds in “order”. Neglecting your weeding grows a garden out of control, where being able to distinguish between plants (that you want) and weeds (that you do not need) very difficult. If left unattended, weeds will actually invade and choke plants, leaving them vulnerable to disease and garden pests.

Weeding is a process of clearing and releasing. It requires conscious effort to look carefully at the true weeds in your life, things that no longer serve you: old habits, beliefs, negativity, judgments, neglect, guilt, and anger.

The question as you walk through your garden, is where do you want to start and what do you feel is most important to clear?

Sometimes we have to start at the edges and slowly work our way in, cautiously reviewing and considering what impedes our path and growth.

Sometimes there is a particular section we’ve been wanting to get to for quite some time, knowing that freeing up that space will help us gain perspective for further understanding.
The weeds pulled from your garden bed will simplify your life.

As you simplify new dimensions to your thinking and creativity are added, and provide freedom in which to explore and enlarge.

Mind 5 – Thoughts are Guiding Messages

All thoughts are divine in origin and as a result we are Divinely Guided through them.
Thoughts are processes of energy transmission, coming to us from many directions; those we create, can relate to, respond to, or those we choose by our own free will to ignore. Regardless of their source, they give insight to our life path and situations we encounter including episodes of challenge and fear.
Being open to listen and receive all thoughts as gifts, frees us to expand our thinking towards the highest good in all situations.
Listen , Believe and be Guided.

Mind 6 – Senses, the Roots of our Emotions

During all of our waking and sleeping hours we are incorporating the gifts of our six senses [sight, touch, smell, hearing, tasting, and intuition – often referred to as our 6th sense] into our thinking. Senses stimulate message pathways throughout our body and mind, eliciting responses on a visceral level and translating them into feelings.

In springtime our senses are heightened with the emergence of the newness of life all around us. Each year it is as if we are experiencing it again for the first time. We can be swept away by the magnitude and dimension of the sensory communications coming forward:
Feeling the garden soil warming and coming alive in our hands as we gently turn it over….
Breathing into a dream state with the smell of laundered sheets dried in the burgeoning sun…..
Listening to rebirth; the sound of “peepers” in the early night by the fringes of the pond.

April is experiencing life at the soul level. Our roots grow deeper into our spiritual self to balance the emotions coming forward, expansion of ourselves as a physical and spiritual being.

Mind 7 – Communication, Expressions of the Physical Being

The mind is a vibrant wellspring of information, ideas, thoughts, and emotions waiting to be discovered and conveyed. We communicate verbally, behaviorally and creatively that which we choose to share and to whom we choose to share it with. The ability to communicate effectively and fully is essential to experiencing balance and harmony in our life, for our wellbeing and the ability to expand and grow as we move through life’s processes. Our words express desires, needs and feelings to create a life of love, the relationship with ourselves and all there is.
The energy of July summer emits a vitality alive in all forms and in all dimensions. Our minds are flooded with visual and auditory cues; flowers in bloom, bees and hummingbirds darting from petal to nectar, the nature choirs of bird songs throughout the day. Mother Earth speaks to us in messages that fill our memory banks, fuel for other seasons.

Mind 8 – Preserving Abundance

Preservation is a conscious act of conserving and protecting oneself from outside forces.
At the peak of summer season, as in all the seasons of our lives, we desire to preserve the things that fill us with joy and that make our lives whole. The mind can become a store of energy we call upon later, reigniting our senses as we once again relive the peace, the beauty, the well-being, and the happiness associated with particular moments, no matter how brief.
The experiences we preserve bring purpose and balance to our lives and produce the sustenance we need for now and tomorrow.

Mind 9 – Pausing to Assess

The heightened energy of summer is waning and in the slower momentum of September there is time to reflect and consider present situations, your feelings and the life you are living. The air is cooler, the sun lower, the days shorter. Look around you and appreciate the day as a point in time. From this current state we can manifest future state, the desires of the heart and mind. Not to hurry, but to savor, as this time of year gifts us with a new start to each day and the time to contemplate it.

Mind 10 – Finding Your Soul Path

As we grow and mature in life there come times when we question where we are headed, or just know deep in our core that there is something MORE for us, something beyond our current reach. It is a feeling of void that won’t go away, and that can’t be filled with our present circumstances. When we listen to the messages coming from spirit we allow guidance and opportunity to flow to us, lifting veils that have obscured our vision.
We choose next steps:

  • Go forward in faith and promise to fulfill our purpose
  • Remain uncomfortable in our surroundings
  • Revert to previous steps that did not bring us what we want

How do we know we are where we belong? From possibilities come openings. Like a road map, your Soul Path is a process of discovery on your life’s journey.
Be open. Listen to your intuition and let your heart speak to you.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."

[William Wordsworth]