Intuition 1 – Startle Reflex

Intuition, the sixth sense, includes our instinctual abilities to perceive and interpret vibrational energy that stimulates our senses. Intuition has its earliest beginnings in infancy in the form of the Startle Reflex. When exposed to loud sounds or unexpected sensations, a baby extends it arms and legs, and often cries out asking for comfort and reassurance. The first response to what is interpreted as unpleasant stimuli, the startle reflex begins our learnings to anticipate and decipher on a subconscious and deep rooted level.

Intuition 2 – Dreams, Spiritual Guidance

A dream is a vision of future, our existence beyond the present. To dream requires trusting in a power beyond ourselves, a power that will orchestrate in our behalf. Like a Monet painting veiled in imagery, we are a spectator to the scene. All that is coming forward speaks to us in form as it evolves and develops, in the earthly plane. All that is coming for us originating from a place already inside us.

“Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature”

[Gerard de Nerval]