I am a Spiritual Gardener, planting seeds…

My life journey has been blessed with many opportunities to grow, experience and expand; and inspires me to continue to follow my life path. I AM above all, very grateful. In my life purpose I am a mentor, nurse, leader and author with decades of service to people.

We all desire a sanctuary. A place of peace and replenishment, a place within us where our Higher Self flourishes and becomes one with Spirit. We create our Soul Garden Sanctuary from the seeds within us, to live in beauty and harmony arising from our roots, and proliferating through our Mind, Body, Spirit. I wish for you, that your journey be blessed and your sanctuary flourish.

…and writing books.


Listen to my recent interview on Blog Talk radio to learn about my spiritual mission and our journey together creating the sanctuary of our souls.

Together in mind, body, spirit, we plant seeds and nurture the pathway leading to our life’s purpose. It is my privilege to accompany and partner with you in Divine Light and Love, promoting and connecting to our higher self in truth, authenticity and faith.

“I am a Spiritual Gardener, planting seeds”

[Sally Gallot-Reeves]