Sally Gallot-Reeves is a spiritual gardener planting seeds.

Her life’s work is dedicated to promoting growth and wellness in herself and others through kindness, understanding, and healing. Communicating through her writing, she reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings to nurture and guide readers to their own discoveries and awareness.

Sally believes compassion, love and acceptance are the foundations to living in harmony and unity. One as one, one as whole. She credits her years in nursing service and healthcare to illuminating her heart and mind to the core needs of people, and her dedication to assist everyone in living their lives to the fullest.

Her published works include Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light, the story of a telepathic gifted child navigating a world she doesn’t understand; and Between Shifts, a book of vignettes in poetry reflecting the multi-dimensions of Sally’s nursing career.

Together in mind~body~spirit, Sally believes we plant seeds with our thoughts and actions that create pathways leading to our life’s purpose. She is honored and privileged to accompany and partner with you in Divine Light and Love, assisting you to connect to your Higher Self in truth, authenticity and faith.
Born in New England, she resides in New Hampshire where she continues her literary work and spiritual life creating sanctuary space for all living things.

Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel where you can hear more of my Reflections.

Together in mind, body, spirit, we plant seeds and nurture the pathway leading to our life’s purpose. It is my privilege to accompany and partner with you in Divine Light and Love, promoting and connecting to our higher self in truth, authenticity and faith.

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“I am a Spiritual Gardener, planting seeds”

[Sally Gallot-Reeves]