Love 1 – Grace, The Gift of Benevolence

God’s love is unconditional. Through spirit each of us is made in His image, unique and gifted. The love of our Creator exists irrespective of our love for Him. What we receive we are able to give. Grace blesses us to be able to embrace and release, sharing for the benefit of human kind, nature and our earth.

Love 2 – Compassion and Empathy

We must love ourselves in order to truly love others. There is a certain sensitivity and kindness we embrace to feel the needs, and a certain strength and charity we activate to follow through.
To feel for another, their circumstances and emotions, is a benevolent gift sending hope and healing into their lives.
To feel and care for yourself, is an equally generous gesture inward, that elevates your capacity to love all.
Need is like a thirst. When we thirst we desire love and acceptance. Loving ourselves enriches us, nurtures us, and restores us to well-being.

“Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature”

[Gerard de Nerval]