Creative 1 – Imagining Your Soul Garden

Set aside a quiet time. Close your eyes and relax. Think about your Soul Garden, the Sanctuary of Your Soul. Create an image in your mind of this sacred space unique to you. What does it look like? What does it smell like, what does it feel like? Take a piece of paper and describe it and/or draw it, manifesting its meaning and symbolism, setting your intention of creating this beautiful place of serenity.

Creative 2 – Creating a Life Path Map

Begin by assembling materials and tools, to either draw on or write on, a pad of paper and pen/pencil.

I ask you to pose these three questions to yourself, each giving clarity to your Life Path.
With your birth you entered the earthly plain as a Divine human being in the image of God and began a unique journey forward in your life.
Start with your birth and recreate the map of your life. Where you were born, who were your parents and siblings, where did you live? Create this path up until present time.

Take the map you have drawn and begin to fill in remembrances along the timeline.
What was significant?
How have you been affected?
What were the choices you made that further developed who you are, and where you were going?
What would you have done differently if you could?

Draw/describe your current state, the life that you are living.
Where are you?
Who and what is important to you?
What is positive in your world and what would you like to change?

The path continues ahead… into your future.
Describe the person you envision, to their fullest capacity?
Do you feel that you are travelling on paths that continue to guide you, one with your soul’s purpose?
What choices and adjustments would you make to become this expanded self?

This pathway you have just depicted, is meant to be revisited. It will bring clarity to who you are and where you are going. Please add on to it as you can, giving broader understanding to your spiritual being on earth.

Creative 3 – Gratitude Intentions List

We express gratitude for many things in our lives, health, relationships, work and daily necessities [water, shelter, food] to name a few.

Develop a Gratitude Intentions List by writing down the things you are grateful for In Advance of their Coming.

The following are some questions that might help spark ideas~

I am grateful knowing that:
I will be……
I will do……
I choose to……
I am prepared for……
I am giving acts of kindness to……

Keep this list and add to it as more ideas come into your life. Rejoice in the Joy!

Creative 4 – Walking in Your Soul Garden

Bring forward the image of your Soul Garden that you have created, placing it into your active consciousness.
Visualize yourself in your Soul Garden, and begin to walk through the paths, surrounded by the beauty of nature.
What do you see, what exists there?
The emotions and attributes you desire are manifested in the trees, flowers, birds and elementals.
What are you embracing? What do you breathe in? How do you feel? Enjoy the colors, the smells, the spiritual aura emanating from within you.
Envision a bench, carved in stone with intricate details. It is situated within a partially shady part of the Soul Garden and know this is a place of balance between light and shadow. Sit down within its composition and relax as you continue to enjoy the surroundings.
Know this is your place of peace, tranquility and understanding.

Creative 5 – Sacred Idleness

“Sacred Idleness” is a term coined by George MacDonald, reminding us to move away from the busyness of our lives and slow down to savor the pleasures of the day, feeling the joy of living in the moment. Pure blissful nothingness.
The August days of heat and haze hang low about me. Small deciduous yellowed leaves lazily drift to the ground, reminding me that I too, should rest and replenish in sacred idleness.
Find a place of comfort and peace, preferably away from technology and distraction; bring a quilt, some pillows, a chair….. surrounding yourself with the elements of relaxation. Find a tree, a beach, or a rock ledge to lean against, resting in the arms of something greater, and just be.
Just be…..
Knowing that in this space of nothingness you are whole.

Creative 6 – Fall Leaf Decorations

How beautiful the trees transform themselves to offer a colorful kaleidoscopic landscape for us, easing us into summer’s end and the emergence of fall.
Pick up a basket or a bag and venture out onto walking trails or tree lined neighborhoods, taking in the splendid array of the foliage and gathering up some samples of your most favorite colors and designs.
Leaves make colorful displays in glass bowls or vases for several weeks. Or, take a leaf and place it between 2 sheets of wax paper, careful to lie it flat. Then press the sheets with a warm iron to seal it. Cut off the excess paper and use them as a marker in your favorite book or cook book, or display them on your vision board or bulletin board. They will bring back warm memories in January!

Creative 7 – Making a Harvest Pie

The “Fidget Pie” is an English traditional pie believed to have its origins traced back to Anglo-Saxon times when pies were made for the noontime meal for the farms harvest workers.
It is suggested that its name was given because of the way the ingredients “fidget” about inside the pie.

Make your favorite pie crust or purchase a frozen crust at the store. No one will know.
Fidget Filling:
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 large red onions, finely chopped
1 pound potatoes, sliced
3 cups diced cooked ham
1 pound cooking apples, sliced and chopped
1 tablespoon sage and 1 of parsley
½ tsp ground nutmeg
1 ¼ cups chicken broth

Place the bottom pie crust in a deep pan and prick the bottom and sides. Pre-cook bottom pie crust at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.
Heat the oil in a pan and fry the onion and potatoes until softening. Add the ham, cooking for just a couple minutes stirring occasionally.
Put a layer of apples in the pre-cooked crust, then top with half the onion and ham, half the herbs and some salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Place another layer of apples next, followed by remaining onion/ham/potato and herbs.
Pour chicken broth over the top and then cover with the remaining crust.
Bake for approximately 1 hour, until crust is browned and ingredients bubbling!

Recipe courtesy of Moel Faban Suppers

Creative 8 – Creating a “Hope Chest”

When we have hope, we are creating alignment with the future and opening a passage way for movement and change. In trust and faith, we await that which we do not know, but believing that the future holds answers to our prayers and gifts we have yet to open.
As the year moves towards a calendar close, a Hope Chest is your heart space that gives thought and substance to your desires.
To do this exercise, prepare by sitting in a comfortable space, relaxing, and breathing rhythmically in and out. If possible, being outside and one with nature, is opening the natural vibrations to assist you and flow towards you.
Bring your mind into focus while placing your hands over your heart, your left hand over right.
Be present to the space you have created, it’s vastness and openness, and allow your spiritual thought and guidance to come forward to you.
Ask for assistance from your angels and guides.

Take a piece of paper and write out what you are thinking and hoping for in the present and in the future for yourself and for others.
What do you desire in your life?
What do you hope for in the lives of others, in your community, in our world?
Write in open, descriptive sentences that do not limit the answers coming forward to you. Surrender your thoughts to the Divine, surrendering your control of any outcomes.

Creative 9 – Bringing the Beauty of December into your Life

As we progress to the winter solstice, the spirit of Christmas surrounds us with scents, sounds, images of winter’s beauty. We can be swept away by the desire to bring nature indoors; the fragrant trees, boughs, garlands, berries, holly and wreaths; scents and sights that provide remembrances of Christmas past.
This is Mother Nature’s offering as she bares her branches and displays the last fruits of the year’s growth and those of the elemental kingdom. Gather all the that beckons you.
Breathe in its life force.

Creative 10 – Keeping a Winter Journal

A winter journal is a wonderful way to give thanks for a season of rest and replenishment.
It embodies your senses: visual images, depths of feelings, the sounds of stillness, the cold and warmth. It is often a journal of noticing and appreciation.
There is much to write about.
Weather, so powerful. Storms, cloud formations, winds bending down the tree branches, the formation of ice patterns and frost on the windowpanes.
Birds harboring to your feeders. Junco, Chickadee, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and Morning Doves in groups and pairs, on the ground or flying to perch on a tray.
The beauty surrounding you, beauty in its starkness. The sunrise and sunset against blackened skies. The Evergreens tall and statuesque providing shelter for all wildlife. The bare branches of the deciduous that bare themselves to show their true form.
Your journal is a work of art, creating a mural of thankfulness to reflect on.

Creative 11 – Dreams as Signals

Often we awake before a dream has ended with the contents fresh in our minds.
It is the perfect time to pause and reflect, and consider the meaning. I suggest you keep a notepad by your bed and write down all you can remember before rising. Often our recollections are “snapshots” of things in motion and images of living things known or unknown.
This exercise creates a bridge from subconscious to conscious, from dreams to realization.
Just as nature awakens with the heralding signs of spring, we awaken slowly through our dreams and spiritual awareness.

Creative 12 – The Light of The Soul

March is an accelerated time of energies. Encircle them, embrace them, and enfold them within your being. The Light of your Soul, your higher self, is speaking to you.
As we begin to plant our new gardens, we are asked and perhaps even challenged to accept the trajectories of the New Earth and surrender to a consciousness of unity. A time of Love and healing. A time of strength and confidence to move forward in Divine Love; to share, give and create a life of serenity. You are a conduit for this Light. It comes freely and purposefully to all those who are open to receiving.

“Whatever you think you can do or whatever you believe you can do, do it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

[Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe]