Living 1 – Being

To be is to live, and as we are born it is required that we assume our new life we have been given on earth exercising a level of independence and free will. We must Breathe, a natural process that should occur without effort. Our body requires oxygen in all levels of it’s structure: cells, vessels, blood, tissues, organs.

It is noted that the act of breathing, the movement of air and energy in and out of our body becomes the first essential activity of our lives. Later, the act of breathing is automatically adjusted by our bodies to meet heightened physical demands, the rate of breathing increasing to deliver more oxygen. We learn to adjust our breathing during episodes of stress, breathing deeply and evenly to relax, or during meditation when our breath slows and becomes shallower.

The state of Being can define us, enlighten us, and allow us in any given moment to be aware of the infinite presence of the Universe.

Living 2 – Starting/Beginning [plans into action]

March brings forward a season of actionizing, taking plans and giving them form. Many of us find the start of anything to be the most difficult. Our goals and desires may feel so overwhelming that we are unable to determine first steps. We may get lost in the multiple choices in front of us or in deciding which direction to follow.
Starting is like opening a large jigsaw puzzle. Methodically you must lay all the pieces out: sort, organize and prioritize. The framework is the first to come together, the framework that supports all other building. From there, shapes, colors and images come into view. Soon, you begin to see sections that are well developed, and those that need more work. Empty spaces require more thought or revision before moving forward to build strength and balance in the overall design. Sort, Organize and Prioritize again. Find those pieces that create the image you can not let go of; the ones that speak to your heart and even your dreams. Build towards them always.

Living 3 – Energizing

The sunlight in spring is dazzling and sparkling as it sits higher and longer in the sky, replenishing our depleted stores of radiance and giving new vitality to each day. We open ourselves to absorb it.

This is the energy that motivates us, invigorates us and gives us momentum to move forward in our lives. Before each of us, our Soul Path outlines steps forward in discovering our life’s purpose. It waits for our heartfelt desire and overture of spirit to envelope us with an energetic force that beckons us to become one with new life, the new earth plane, and step forward.

Living 4 – Experiencing

All experiences leave markers, and like flagging on a trail they are a sign. Similar experiences may repeat throughout our lives, but because we continue to evolve our perceptions and interpretations will be different. Thus, we conclude at each vantage point our next steps, our experiences leading us on a pathway of our own choosing.
Your path may feel familiar, or you may feel that you have been there before, but in it is “now moment” it is new each time.
Grateful, we can look back and see where we have been, what led us to the “here”.
Grateful, we have been blessed with a vision and desire which moves us forever forward.

“One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth”

[Dorothy Frances Gurney]