“Life Began in a Garden”

Welcome to the Soul Garden Pathway, your unique journey of discovery, growth and spiritual connection, integrated with a Universe of abounding love, peace and acceptance. While the Body and the Mind are rooted in the physical world, our Soul joins us with our spiritual and higher self, one with the Divine.

As you create the Sanctuary of Your Soul you are invited to immerse in that which you desire in yourself and in your life, surrounded by serenity, harmony, and understanding. The Garden is a refuge to expand and replenish your energy, balance and spirit. Savor your walk as you move along, individualizing it to your desires, beliefs and choices. In your Soul’s journey you will continue to find purpose, always evolving and expanding, in a limitless field of opportunity. Eternally your unique self is always guided, always blessed, always leading you to become that which is intended.

I invite you to walk with me, commune and absorb the messages and guidance leading you forward. You are surrounded by Love and supported by Angelic realms, always.

Begin, with just a first step…


Your life is a beautiful and bountiful passage way from the ethereal realm to life on earth, to transition to life after death.


We choose the seeds we plant in our life, those eventually blossoming in our soul garden.


We are beings of Light and we cultivate our lives and the blossoms that come forth.

Spirit in Motion

Movement, so essential to our growth, creates change and opens passageways for our Mind, Body & Spirit.

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