Integrating 1 – Absorbing

There is much energy abounding now, from sunlight, from cosmic alignment, from the vibrational aspect of all communication and expansion in the Universe. Our bodies seek this energy and pull it in, concentrating it to transform our needs and desires into that which we can experience on earth.
As human beings we absorb energy through many channels in our body and through the connection to our soul.
Sunlight permeates our skin and eyes, converting energy we consume into nutrients. Energy forms heat, which warms us and creates circulating molecules to all cells in our body.
Divine Light is channeled through our higher self and chakra system to elevate us, connecting mind~body~spirit as one.
Pause to embrace it, absorb it’s goodness, and release its vibrancy to nurture others.

Integrating 2 – Connecting, One as Whole

Our life in this earthly voyage continuously includes opportunities and experiences to connect with other people, and with all things We learn to connect through caregiving, play, education, work and relationships.
We are given a gift each day in opportunities to unify and merge with others; not to be alike, but to be synergetic. Not to mold, but to display our gifts in unison as they come together as a whole.
We are living examples of connectivity with multiple parts of our bodies working together so masterfully to create health, wellness and development. Our role in connecting is to reach out beyond ourselves, to our life and spirit with others, creating one as whole.

Integrating 3 – Balancing

Consider the fall equinox as a balancing point moving us forward from one season to another. We often think of balance as a point of equanimity in which things are deemed of equal proportion and offset each other in a state of dependable constancy. But in Buddhism, equanimity is considered neither a thought nor an emotion; it is rather the steady conscious realization of reality’s transience. A continual moment in which our balance is created by moving in unison with the flow of energy.
We are beings of Light navigating in a multidimensional universe. We balance our course by continually aligning with positives: love, compassion, understanding, kindness, and generosity.

“One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth”

[Dorothy Frances Gurney]