Mindful 1 – Dream Intention

Dreams are subconscious expressions taking form, even though we may or may not remember them. Before you go to sleep, relax. Close your eyes, and rhythmically breathe in and out. Think of something you would like to dream about, an area of focus without too much detail. Set the intention that when you sleep you will dream about it. Whether you remember your dreams or not, the Universe will answer you.

Mindful 2 – Mother Thankfulness

May is the month of Mother Mary and the month in which we celebrate all mothers, and all people who have been our “mothers” along the way for their love, acceptance, understanding and support. We are more because of them.

Sit in a quiet spot, preferably in the out of doors. [Mother Earth]
Think about your birth mother, picture her, hear her voice.
Offer a prayer for her life whether she is still with you or has transitioned.
Bless her time with you and bless all the experiences and remembrances you have of her.
Give thanks for all of her gifts that have brought you forward to this place in your life.
Consciously release any past hurts and unfulfilled needs.
From a full place of Divine Love, forgive any unresolved feelings.

Now think about your other mothers. Who are the women who have been surrogates in your life, mentoring and guiding, offering their love, assisting you to grow and prosper?
Offer a prayer for their life whether they are still with you or have transitioned.
Bless their time with you and bless all the experiences and remembrances you have of them.
Give thanks for all of their gifts that have brought you forward to this place in your life.
Consciously release any past hurts and unfulfilled needs.
From a full place of Divine Love, forgive any unresolved feelings.

Give thanks to Mother Mary, Mother Teresa and all spiritual masters for sharing God’s love with you on earth, for being present with you always, for blessing you each day.

Bless them all for bringing you into this world so you may experience Divine Light and Love.
Bless all that is and will be. Amen. So be it and so it is.

Mindful 3 – Daily Thankful Prayer

Compose a prayer in your mind on awakening each day that you offer to the Universe to give thanks for all there is in your life.

Give thanks for the safety of the night, for sleep and restoration of your Mind~Body~Spirit.
Give thanks for the love and the health and the safety of yourself and your family.
Give thanks for …….
Pause and be still, using this time to clear away any negativity and fears from your being allowing your Divine Light to shine outward.
Set an intention for your day ahead and ask the Angelic Realm to give you guidance in all you do.
Say a blessing for yourself and for your day as you rise and venture forth.

Mindful 4 – Co-Creation

To be mindful, meaning to be aware and conscious of the present day. All that is, all that is coming forward, all that is needed. Giving thanks for the opportunities that encompass you.
What do you need to nurture your garden?
Mother Earth and the Elemental Kingdom are one with you in this garden space, co-creating that which you desire in your heart, supporting and assisting you on all levels. They nurture and provide that which is needed to survive and grow; water, light, soil, nutrients. Each of these representing dimensions of support and enlightenment. Ask for the things that you feel you need each day and allow the flow of that energy to provide for you.

Mindful 5 – Living in the Present

Living in the present moment, is more than being “present”.
Living requires connection and an acknowledgment of the importance and capacity of infinitesimal time.
In acknowledgment, we give recognition to the juncture, yielding our illusion of control to the Universe.
Reflect on this present moment in time, allowing yourself to be fully conscious; to see, hear, and feel all that it brings forward, all that surrounds you.
Create an image in your mind of just “what is”, nothing more.
Offer a prayer of gratitude for your life. For all that is, for all that is coming forward in Divine Order and Divine Right Timing.

Mindful 6 – Blessing Change

September is a month of change, and one we remember as days become shorter and cooler.
It is a time of change for people too. Vacations are usually over. Children return to school. We have more consistency in our schedules and routines.

Change can bring new experiences and situations forward. These may be welcomed or not, but for all of us they require an adjustment in our life. For some, this brings uncertainty and even fear into our mindful thinking. Fear is an emotional response, an illusion, something only appearing real.

Bless your life changing circumstances for the potential brought forward in your life.

Bless all who may be experiencing fear. Bless their journey and their ability to walk forward through their false impressions to remain in the Light.

Mindful 7 – Expressing Gratitude for the Present Day

In this season of harvest, there is much that is being brought forward to be thankful for.
There is beauty in the colors that are abounding! There is plentiful yields of crops and fruits, and things that have been preserved for winter.
There is pleasure in savoring the sunlight and warmth of the days as the sun lowers.
Spend some time to consider all that you have accomplished during these seasons.
The progress in your life path and the continued movement as you further discover and develop your life path.
As the seasons change, so does the sun, moon and sky. So do we.
Consciously be aware and present to each day. Breathe in the goodness and give thanks for where you are, for wherever you are is called “here” and it is just as it is intended to be.

Mindful 8 – Worries and Concerns

It is understandable that our human selves have worries and concerns for situations that arise in life. Many times however, these feelings can lead you into fearful thinking.
Fear, the opposite of love, does not move you forward, does not promote your well being or the results your desire in your life.
Fear, worries and concerns can all be released into the Universe, allowing higher spiritual powers to remove these limiting negative thoughts and promote actions that are in your best interest and highest good.
Some people are able to do this through prayer or mediation, asking for specific intervention to assist them.
And sometimes, people need a more tangible, hands on way to physically feel that they are removing and releasing these thoughts from them.
A “worry box” provides a tangible, visual, and memorable methodology for release.
To do this, take a shoe box and cut a slot in the top. Tape the sides shut so they will no longer open.
If you wish, you may cover it with wrapping paper or decorate it if you like!
Then place a small note pad and pen nearby.
When fear, worries and concerns rise in your mind, write them out on the notepad.
Read them back out loud to yourself.
Bless them, adding your intention for their highest good.
Then fold the paper over several times till it’s size will fit through the slot.
Place it in the box.
Done. Over.

Thoughts may resurface, and if they do, remember you have already released them and blessed them. Your requests have been heard and are being spiritually acted upon. Have faith, and trust.
If needed, it is fine to write them out again and place duplicates in the box. The angels do not keep count!
Give thanks for God’s blessings and for the angelic realm who surrounds and supports you.
Know that all will be well.

Mindful 9 – Connection to the Divine

The spirituality of Christmas is displayed in many ways. In the 16th century, the German Lutheran sect was credited with making the first advent wreaths which symbolized the
four weeks in December leading to Christmas. The first wreaths were linear and included evergreens, candles, berries and other adornments. This tradition spread to other Christian denominations through the centuries with the rectangle design significantly changing to a circular wreath and including a fifth candle, a white candle, to light on Christmas eve, celebrating the birth of the Christ child.
One candle is lit at the start of each week and continued to be lit each week thereafter,
So that progressively 1, 2, 3, and then 4 candles are burning brightly.
This sacred ritual is a time of prayer and thankfulness for the blessings in our lives.
Celebrate this time with visual and ceremonial practices. We are born again!

Mindful 10 – Using Mantras with Meditation

I often experienced difficulty in trying to meditate until I added the use of mantras to my practice. Mantras allowed me to concentrate on words that brought a spiritual energy to my consciousness while giving me focus within my meditative time.
My favorite mantra is Kripa Hum meaning “I am Divine Grace.”
I repeat my mantra over and over as I relax into my quiet space of being one with my inner self, my spirit, and my soul.
When you meditate transient thoughts can travel through your mind. These are feelings or impressions from an aspect of your life, wandering around in your mind that can be very distracting.
I found that I needed to address them in order to not focus on them.
When random thoughts present themselves in my meditation I say the following in my mind:
“I bless these thoughts coming forward to me and release them to float with the flow of Universal energy and Divine planning.”
I can then return to my meditation and repeating my mantra. I may need to repeat my thought message many times over before I can actually settle into my space of oneness.
Now that I have been able to find a practice that creates my optimum place of connection I feel my meditations are very satisfying. I begin my day with a feeling of wholeness, peace and love.

Mindful 11 – Making Way for New Growth

The Imbolc, marking the halfway point between winter and spring, was first celebrated centuries ago as a Gaelic festival honoring the return of the sun and lengthening of days.
It commemorated the early life stirrings in the soil, reminding people that this was also a time of “making way” for new growth.
Preparing yourself for new growth within, like tending the soil in your garden, requires attention to clearing the debris of winter.
Consider any worries, concerns or stress that is in your life. Bless and release them to the universal flow of goodness.
Nurture yourself. Approach yourself with compassion and understanding, forgiving any situations and behaviors that have had a negative impact on yourself or others.
Anticipate change by being open to new ideas and opportunities; moving away from what is routine and comfortable in order to venture forward.
Let your mind create visions of future, that which you desire.
Believe in your strengths and abilities knowing that they are given to you with Divine Purpose.

Mindful 12 – Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol connecting our existence with the spiritual realm.
Rooted in the earth, our seed sprouts and germinates to evolve into the life we have chosen.
Our roots run deep and wide, securing us and protecting us while absorbing the life giving elements we need to mature. Our branches grow and expand upward in diverse patterns that mirror our experiences, striving to be closer to the Light. We continue to seek heaven on earth.
We are all unique individuals in our human form. We are all Children of God, made in His image and likeness. We are here to live our soul path, to become one with our higher selves, and to be a beacon of Light for mankind.

“Whatever you think you can do or whatever you believe you can do, do it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

[Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe]