Ethereal 1 – The Eternal Soul

Your soul is eternal. Infinite, endless, everlasting.

In the ethereal plane, our souls engage in processes of choice, in which we can be transformed and emerge in a human form to live a life on earth. It is a place of design, choosing and definition to the purposes of our next life. The ethereal is a place of implanting.

In transition to human life the roots of the past and the roots to our future become our seed, uniquely one, as we have chosen.

Life in the ethereal to life on the earth, to the ethereal again, all flowing in one continuous circuit. There is no beginning or ending. Eternal, we live through our souls.

Ethereal 2 – The Root System

Our roots lie in two planes, connecting from beneath the soil and above the soil, providing connections to our past and our present. It is frequently noted, “as above, so below’ and with this bilevel symmetry we can grow again in multiple dimensions and thrive.
The ‘radicle’ is always the first root germinating in new soil, followed by primary and secondary roots which grow in different directions and pathways. The root intrinsically will always avoid shade areas, seeking light even from below.
The roots of our seeds provide for our nourishment, stability, support and expansion.
They are each unique expressions originating from the seed.

Ethereal 3 – The Sacred Birth

Jesus lay in a manger nestled in hay, surrounded by the warmth of family and the heat of the animals laying nearby. In this simplicity a miracle occurred. A divine birth, a blessed birth, a birth to celebrate each year and for all time.
We are born again each Christmas, and born again with every precious birth of a child into our lives, and into the world. We are renewed. We embrace their purity. We cherish the hope for the future they bring to us.
In this holy season, be the warmth in the lives of others. Give love freely and celebrate each and every unfolding miracle in your life.

Ethereal 4 – Incarnation

January, nestled in the cold and dark, represents a time of rebirth for all of life. By definition,
incarnation represents one episode of emergence in a series of life cycles. During this transition time we rest and draw nutrients inward from our foundation, from our environment, and from our resources to prepare for the next season of life.
In January, the world around us is pristine in its solitude. A void of immense dimension, it is here where the Universe’s energetic forces can create the framework for all that is possible, all that is coming forward.

Ethereal 5 – Life Purpose

Our lives are lived in cycles following Divine Order: birth, growth, death, and rebirth.
The Summer Solstice represents new beginnings as well as the endings of previous cycles in the seasons of the year, a parallel to the stages of our lives. How blessed we are with visual reminders as the seasons change, the progress in steps to and from, leading back to life anew.

There is a purpose to our lives on earth, our spiritual being in physical form. We came to discover, understand, and create more in our lives and the lives of others. We are urged by experiences to search and live life fully. We are urged to continually move forward and embrace all that is.

Ethereal 6 – Coming Into The Light

When we are born we move through unfamiliar space and into the light. We are drawn forward by forces stronger than our own, forces that guide us to a new beginning. Our birth is the initial marker in our earthly life, but as we live we are reborn many times and in many ways.
There is a path before us, steps forward, directions of our choosing, and experiences that teach us. Continue to gravitate to the Light that first illuminated you, showing you the way.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."

[William Wordsworth]