Active 1 – Playtime

Playtime! – Your inner child loves to play! She is knocking at you back door, can you come out today? Make a list of the favorite things you did for play as a child remembering why you enjoyed these times. Was it the friends you were with, the fun, the sport? Now, pick one and recreate the play. It can be real or imaginative. Better yet, ask a friend or find a child, and play together!

Active 2 – Spring Walk

Spring is a beautiful time in nature, filled with new birth, growth and renewal!
Set aside some time, regularly if possible, and plan a walk.

Where is your favorite place? A hike in the woods or mountain trail? The lovely beach with sand under your feet and ocean waves crashing over white, then lapping the shore? Or perhaps the landscaped gardens of an estate or park that is open to the public, where one can walk for hours and be absorbed by Mother Earth.

Plan your walk and begin your journey with deep breaths standing at the entry, breathe in the goodness. Release all other thoughts, duties and obligations. Life is emerging again….

As you walk your senses heighten.
What do you visually see, what do you perceive?
What are the smells in the aroma that surrounds you?
What do you hear in the cacophony of birds and wildlife along your path?

Enjoy your time and all its gifts, then set the intention to bring this harmony into your spirit.

Active 3 – Walking Mantra

June is fully awake and ALIVE! A beautiful month with warmer weather, flowers and bushes in full bloom, trees granting us shade and outside living.

Becoming one with nature gives our bodies needed energy. The horticultural greenery produces oxygen and cleanses the air. The sunlight replenishes the surfaces of your skin with nutrients, elevating our moods and wellbeing.

Walking is an excellent way to commune with Mother Earth and the environment.

Prepare to walk by taking in some deep breaths and appreciating the images and smells surrounding you: fresh air, the awakening forest, perhaps the rhythmic ocean waves while walking along the beach.

Breathe in the new day energy.

As you walk continue consciously breathing in and out reciting this mantra:
I relax, I release, I receive, I replenish.

Notice the flow of energy through your body, ebbing away any thoughts that no longer serve you while creating new space, the openings for hope, balance and serenity.

Active 4 – Conscious Direction

Moving forward in requires conscious awareness of where we want to go, where we are going, and what we need to move forward, closer to our place of wholeness.

The Helix of Growth as defined in the Seedlings section gives us insight and awareness to the sequential Process Steps in our Life Progression:
Development….. Experience….. Expansion…..
Development….. Experience….. Expansion…..
You, as an active participant can effectively influence these steps through involvement of your active consciousness.

Begin each day with focus to the present:

  1. Create an affirmation for that which you wish to experience.
  2. Offer a prayer, asking the Divine Creator for Assistance and Guidance
  3. Bless your path ahead, bless your intentions, bless your actions.

Active 5 – August Birth Signs

The wondrous birth signs of Mother Earth magnify their glory in August.
The fledglings have ventured from their nests and begun their infant flights. Once on the ground, much of their movement consists of hopping. The baby sparrows outside my sunroom windows are barely visible between the blades of grass as they move forward with their siblings grabbing bits of hay, then flit happily between the bending spikes of blooming flowers playing see-saw.
Life anew regenerates your spirit, and embodies living energy. Allow this energy to flow through you giving rise to photographs, drawings, and creative writings.

Active 6 – Star Gazing

As we turn into mid-September, the sky is darkening and star formations are more visible as the earth pivots southward. The evenings still afford relatively mild air and it is a beautiful time to go outside, grab a lawn chair and/or telescope and peruse the heavens.
The Equinox occurs on September 22nd at 9:54 pm this year, marking the sun’s crossing the celestial hemisphere and the true beginning of Autumn.
The Full Moon on the 24th, or the “corn” moon provides illumination well into the night, and adequate light to work into the darkness to harvest any remaining “crops” in your fields and in the gardens of your mind.
In the northern sky, familiar Big and Little Dipper and Cassiopeia shine brightly while planets align from east to west across the sky: Mars and Saturn before the moon, then Jupiter and Venus.
Enjoy the spectacular night show!

Active 7 – Harvesting Nature’s Abundance

What a beautiful month for gathering bountiful produce, the culmination of months of planting, tending and growth.
Plan a trip to a local farm or farmer’s market [or your own garden patch!] with baskets in tow, collecting apples, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, gourds and squashes.
As you walk through the rows consider the energy within this tangible edible sustenance. Take time to smell the fruits and vegetables and run your hands over the textures of the hard skinned pumpkins and squash. Feel how everything is designed for purpose as these coverings will help preserve them through the next weeks and months.

Active 8 – Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up is a familiar term, meaning to utilize the waning days of fall and sunshine to ready ourselves and prepare for winter.
Washing windows, changing seasonal clothes from warm to colder weather styles, organizing and arranging articles like shovels and snowblowers so they will be accessible when needed. It is a season of preparation.
Late autumn is a wonderful time to take stock and survey the life around you. Giving thanks for the present day, align your life and your material goods with what you need and what you use.
Simplify. Donate, share, or provide for others spreading your seeds of abundance.
Position your life with what is important to you, and what you desire for the future.

Active 9 – Being of Service

December is a time of giving and being of service to others in our life and in our community.
It is a time of giving from the heart, encouraged by the emotions of joy and love.
There are multitudes of local opportunities and organizations which collect donations and
then distribute to those in need. Donations to charity can include “Coats for Kids’. Food Banks, Shelters for the homeless and animals; gifts of money, food, or articles such as winter clothes, sox, and blankets. Even small donations make a difference.
Having a holiday celebration with family, friends and coworkers, perhaps to decorate a tree or to go caroling into the neighborhood.
Consider what speaks to you as worthwhile. Who or what do you feel would benefit most from what you can offer?
Think about what Jesus, Mary and Joseph needed as they rested in the manger; the simplest of things to keep them warm and fed and housed.

Active 10 – Creating Your Path

After a winter storm, the snow blankets the earth in pure white crystals, that sparkle in the rays of the sun. There is an energy flowing in the out of doors, which kindles yearnings within us, urging us to bundle up, come outside, and be one with nature.
Survey the area before you in its untouched form and visualize it as an uncharted space where you can create the pathway for your life ahead. Walk ahead consciously, thinking about ideas and asking for blessings that you want to come forward in your life. Stop when an image of a goal takes form and then make a circle around the area to mark it. Pause, breathe in, and give thanks for this accomplishment.
As you continue to create your path, think about what goals are related, what are dependent upon the evolution of something else, what would naturally come together to bring them into fruition. Make connecting pathways between circles signifying their mutual relationships.
Being one with nature allows the flow of mind~body~spirit to enjoin and give direction.
The end of your pathway is at the beginning, now a new beginning, creating one connecting path, encircling all.

Active 11 – Rest as a Conscious Effort

Rest is a choice we make. It is the conscious awareness of the messages sent from mind~body~spirit and being attentive to listen to our needs. Rest is crucial to spiritual growth and harmony, preparing us for expansion.
Take a day, for yourself. Plan it. Not chores, not responsibilities. Plan it to feed your soul.
Indulge in nurturing activities, those that feed you.
A walk in nature? Reading without interruptions? A massage? Painting, writing… activities of creativity?
Whatever it is, make this day your own and absorb the positive replenishing energy coming to you, connecting with your soul desires.

Active 12 – Mud Season

March is lovingly referred to as “Mud Season” in New England. It is a transition time for everything: the environment, the weather, and our own growth. It is an annual event that can be looked at metaphysically for its meaning to ourselves:

  • The earth is softening to allow planting
  • There is an abundance of water, a life giving nutrient
  • There are increasing hours of sunlight, a life giving energy
  • Being stuck in the mud is temporary; allowing us to rethink, accept assistance to get “pulled out” and opportunity to acquire learnings.

There are stirrings within us. Some we sense without fully knowing from where they come. Open to the flow of this energy and allow it to move through you following its own course.
By allowing, we bless its intention and offer ourselves to be the beings of Light we are Divinely Guided to become.

“Whatever you think you can do or whatever you believe you can do, do it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

[Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe]