Thinking 1 – Thoughts, the Building Blocks

The act of thinking can be an active or passive process.
Thoughts come forward to us when we pose questions and seek answers.
The thoughts of our heart and our spirit come forward to us when we rest and allow their flow from within.
Our thinking builds ideas like components of a bridge, connecting one piece to the next, strengthening our beliefs and convictions. The act of thinking is the first step in creating, in manifesting that which we desire.
In the Soul Garden, seedlings support the growth of the plant, the entity, culminating in its bloom. There are many “leaves of progression” associated with our seedling thoughts.
These leaves grow to support our development, experiences and expansion.

Thinking 2 – Interpreting, Giving Thought Understanding

Interpretation is a progressive step in the Seedling process as the abilities of our minds grow multi-dimensionally. Interpretation can be based on experiences, personal preferences, and learnings; things imagined or created. We add thought to interpretation, which comes from our understanding of our truth at a moment in time. Our physical journey includes the development and expansion of our belief system and the discovery of the purpose of our existence. Interpretation is situational, meaning that it relies on what we are able to grasp with the resources we have. Growth relies on openness and acceptance of changes both in how we feel and how things evolve.

Thinking 3 – Processing

A thought can become a word with little effort. We give words detail in speaking, expressions of our perspectives. The seed we created germinates and sprouts.
Perspectives may give meaning or not, may lead in a direction, or not. Or may begin processes that create their own journey. Experience teaches us. Learning enlarges us.
Becoming, the flower or the weed, from the same root. We share the soil and the nutrients.
We reap what we sow.

“One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth”

[Dorothy Frances Gurney]