Body 1 – The Holy Vessel

Sit back and think about your body, what a beautifully orchestrated moving, living, growing being.

Your body is a holy vessel, made in the image of God. It is a miraculous work of art, structure and function, from the very start, the creation of your human being.

Before we were born we were designed, physically, mentally and spiritually. Conception begins a true process of continued miracles, unique strands of DNA created from countless infinitesimal specialized cells, weave complex codes and strands, the blueprints to build our structure, functionality, sex, and interconnections. Everything so symmetrical, balanced and woven by Divine Plan; there is nothing by chance. We all follow particular stages of formation, yet each of us is a unique individual.

Knowing that we arrive in a physical body pre-programmed with all that we will need is an amazing accomplishment. We arrive prepared to start our earthly journey and our soul pathway.

Body 2 – Masterful Creation

One with the Divine, we are created in the image of God, and we are asked to be caretakers of the human form we are given.

We are asked to use our bodies in ways that give thanks and gratitude for our life, using all the gifts we are given.

Physically we grow in a prioritized formation and develop in ways that utilize our frame, bones, muscles, and organs in integrated functionality. We move our limbs at birth, then crawl, walk, climb, run and jump. What we need to progress is already there in our bodies, and ready for us to engage in Divine Timing. We expand our capabilities to expand our capabilities and expand in all things to become more.

Our bodies are the outward signs of a masterful creation meant to be fully utilized for the highest good of all.

Body 3 – The Equinox Balance

The September Equinox, the time of equal hours between day and night, brings balance to our body. At this time of equally being illuminated by sunlight and darkness [which occurs again in March with the heralding of spring] we are reminded of our life processes as they mirror the cycles of the seasons and the earth. Like the rhythmic ocean tide, pivoting more frequently between high and low, we pause, reflect and gain stability.

September is a time of waning as we move into Autumn, reaping the fruits of our labors in what we have learned and how we have grown over these months of enlargement. This planetary balance facilitates our personal alignment, motivating us forward, and guides us to fully experience the conscious harmony within us.

Body 4 – Honor Abundance

There is much to be thankful for at this time of harvest. There is a bounty of produce being gathered and stored to provide food through the long winter months.
The colors of nourishment, the reds and oranges, greens, whites and yellows each signify a dimension of energy for us to consume. Vitamins and minerals, calories and fibers that assist us in our growth; that feed and balance our body with wholesome foods. Giving thanks; we are blessed to be part of a culture with such richness and abundance. Giving thanks knowing we are provided for. Giving thanks we are blessed to house and nourish our spiritual selves within our human vessel.

Body 5 – The Peace of the Winter Solstice

December marks a dramatic change in the seasons, as daylight has lessened to its shortest hours of the year, and the cold and darkness settle in with us.
All living things slow down and prepare, calmly and surely, for the essence of winter.
As we align with the solstice we seek balance and the oneness with the Spirit within us,
It is a time of reflection. Where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go.
We look up to the heavens with gratitude, searching the stars for direction while trusting and recognizing the power of faith.

Body 6 – Rest and Replenish

In February, we are still vested in winter even as we notice the sun higher in the sky, and the increasing minutes of daylight. Yet the harshness of the season can surround us, even isolate us from our external surroundings, the human experience of hibernation.
Inside, we can prepare seeds for spring by being fully present to each day, communing within with the stillness and solitude. Know in truth that all of nature is resting too, and set the intention to absorb this aspect of wellness.
From out of the seemingly emptiness will emerge new growth.

Body 7 – Water, a Life Giving Medium

Have you ever stood outside on a warm rainy day and just let the water wash over you?
Not caring that you were being soaked through every level of your being, just feeling ALIVE in the moment, in the sensation, in the fresh air! There is no mistaking the exhilaration that rushes through your body.

To be alive in the water is to be energetic and buoyant in the cascades of droplets, absorbing the vibrations of its rhythmical pulse. Water is a conductor of energy, movement and sound; a therapeutic medium for cleansing, clearing and opening our channels.

All of your being, the mind~body~spirit, balances and floats upon this life giving energy.

Body 8 – Touch, The Physical Connection to Love

We begin awakening to Love through physical experiences, through touch. The soft caresses on baby’s skin, the gentle kiss upon a forehead, and hands that reach out to support and guide us.
Touch is the physical connection of one being to another. We begin to learn love at tender ages, embedding these learnings in our hearts and minds. Through another’s touch the seeds of understanding our self-worth are sown. Feeling worthy of love allows us to open ourselves to others, accepting and embracing God’s Love for us.

Body 9 – Absorption of Light

We are experiencing maximum hours of daylight bathing us in its energy. The exposure to sun activates us; we feel more alive, more awakened to embrace each day. There is a sensual feeling throughout us, warming our skin and pathways of our being. Light is a nutrient elevating our physical body, our mental body and our spiritual body. Grow in its goodness.

Body 10 – In the Ebb of the Tide

The cyclic tide, like so many other dynamics in our Universe, provides a turning point twice each day as it balances its high and low. This turning point, is a pause and a time for us to rest and balance. Our body is composed of approximately 60% water, so like the ocean tides we are influenced by the cycles and phases of the moon. It pushes and pulls at us as we feel its influence. Our body seeks harmony and modifies physical processes to adjust to the natural direction. Follow the lead to release in repose, then turn again to assimilate your energy and progress forward.

Body 11 – Coming of Age

August displays the fruits of our labors. The full-bloom of flowers with sweet nectar, seed pods, and seeds, reach potential for this season of growth. Nature comes forward to nourish itself. Birds grasp dangling seeds and grapes, hummingbirds drink from the bloom, and chipmunks scurry to collect the fallen sunflower seeds for winter store. It is indeed a time of sharing.

In coming of age there is great potential to recognize both abundance and lack and to offer spiritually and materially what is needed in our world. We are the fullest blossoms, we are the seeds of next seasons.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."

[William Wordsworth]