Developing 1 – Stages of Development

Human development is an innate process of evolution and growth which crosses all pathways: Ethereal, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Transition; and differentiates each of us uniquely from all other people.

Numerous scientific theories document associated age and cognitive capabilities, and phases correlated with needs, desires and goals. Stages of Development include qualitative changes in thinking, feeling, and behaving that characterize specific milestones.

Our abilities and experiences however, can motivate and require us to master specific levels of attainment sooner or later than the norm, and the degree of necessary dependence or independence to progress can vary greatly.

Following a progressive pattern of growth, the list below outlines our developmental processes as seedlings within our Soul Garden:


Developing 2 – Emergence

We come into our earthly life bringing our spiritual self into a physical vessel as is designed.
It is a pivotal transition point in our lifetimes and one that we have accepted to achieve a higher purpose. With our emergence we move into an expanded way of being that enhances our senses, freedoms of choice, love and relationships, and connections with earth, nature and the Universe. Like the butterfly from the cocoon, our being, our way of living, and our life ahead are miraculously changed, all new.
We emerge with what we need, we desire what we want, and we live hopefully to our fullest potential.

Developing 3 – Growth

Growth is a natural order of life. If we look to nature as an example, growth to some extent will still occur even if nothing is done to promote it. Even in times of severe depletion or devastation, growth occurs again. Nature seeks to rebalance.
The Helix of Growth reminds us that growth is three part. We begin with development, gain experience as a result, and are able to expand with learnings.
Growth is a perpetual process, in Divine Timing, in Divine Order.

Developing 4 – Maturing

Each “season” is a new growth cycle. Growth is progressive enlargement of form, thought, and enlightenment; occurring when factors are ripe within those dimensions. We grow outward and inward, as above so below, to embrace and release again. With maturity we are able to understand and accept these cycles more fully which allows for their development to occur without our scrutiny or need for control.

Maturity is not completeness. In truth, there is no completeness. But there is continued opportunity to recognize aspects of fulfillment which bring serenity and harmony to our daily lives. There is magnitude.

Developing 5 – Standing

Standing in truth is a position of alignment, the mind/body in alignment with your spiritual body.

As the season begins to change, fall asks us to realign from the vibrant energies of summer and center ourselves. When we are standing with feet touching the soil, the flow of excess energy can be grounded back into the earth. All grounded energy becomes neutral and is utilized by nature to promote life’s goodness.

Aligning with our spiritual self is a process of connection through the heart, consciously allowing spirit to guide us. Our mind listens. In gaining alignment we are able to release what we no longer need, while embracing new ideas and discoveries.

“One is nearer to God’s heart in the garden, than anywhere else on earth”

[Dorothy Frances Gurney]