“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”
[Les Brown]

I have been led sometimes by fear and anxieties that were all in my mind, not real. As a result, I believe I have missed some awakenings, certainly some opportunities and possibly some magical moments that were all in alignment for me.
Louise Hay in Heart Thoughts shed this light on fear by saying “Sometimes when our lives are magnificent, we have anxiety that something bad is going to happen to take it all away. I call it running anxiety… Just recognize it as the part that is used to us being upset about something and thank it for sharing and let it go.”

Thanking and letting go reduces it to a very manageable feeling, even friendly perhaps.
I ask that today we would all be blessed with insight, holding out our fears in the palms of our hands, to thank it, and lift it to the wind.