“I paint not by sight but by faith. Faith gives you sight.”
[Amos Ferguson]

Amos Ferguson, born in the Bahamas in 1920, was not fully realized for his master talents until later in life. As a young boy, he would draw pictures in the sand, on pieces of paper, and all through his school notepads when he did not have canvas and paint.
One day, his cousin George told his uncle about a dream in which the Lord gave George a message for Amos. According to George, the Lord said that He had given Amos a talent but that he refused to use it. Inspired by the message, Amos began painting relentlessly, awaking at 3 am each morning to pray and paint.
[Amos Ferguson Gallery]

There are blessings in all our talents. May we have the confidence to share that which is God given with the world.