“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I am committed to?”
[Anthony Robbins]

April 1st, bringing in a new month. Easter Sunday bringing joy into our lives as we celebrate life anew. Our present lives aligning with Universal energy to bring our highest good forward.
Veronica Hay in Today I Wish for You offers these words of encouragement to us. “Today, I wish for you to let Joy be a bigger part of your life. Seek it out. Look for it in the cracks, in the crevices, in every little nook and cranny. Immerse yourself in its wonder. Feel its power and light embrace all that you are….. It wants to show you what is possible. It can bless and heal your body in ways you had not imagined.”

Joy is a Gift to lift us, to open us, to bring us to all there is.
May we all be blessed today to seek and find the Joy in our lives!