Beauty is as relative as light and dark
[Paul K Lee]

We each project an image in the light and in the dark, one not being more important or better than the other. Our shadow illuminates our hidden talents. We need both to be whole and to be truly seen.
In Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, Anne Wilson Schaef explains further by writing, “How beautiful and how simple it is just to accept ourselves the way we are. Women especially have difficulty simply seeing the beauty in who we are…. Whenever we compare ourselves to others, we lose.”

Comparison, the act of identifying likeness and differences for the purpose of matching, resembling or emulating. Using this definition, I will have minimized and forgotten my own uniqueness!
May we all rejoice in our beauty as human beings, Divine Beings of Light and Love, and know we are blessed in all dimensions to become our true and gifted selves.