“You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”
[William Blake]

I do know that everything I need is right inside me. I didn’t go there.
Today, as I reacted to the frustrations of daily life, which at this moment are the limitations imposed by weather, I became caught in the cycle. Obstacles leading to Frustration leading to Anger, leading to an Inability to think further and possibly even function. Goodness, I am just now thinking, I paralyzed myself.
Until…… the sunset. The most amazing colors of pink, red and orange against a slate blue-black sky. The sky was on fire. And I remembered, what I am thankful for, what I am blessed with, what an incredible artist God is when he wants to show you beyond yourself.
And I thanked God for this day of plenty.

I ask that we would all be blessed today to see what is Divinely Inspired and thank God for its presence.
Much love to you~