Then I began to realize that I had to take another step in my evolution and growth
[Eileen Caddy]

At times we feel an awareness that where we are is no longer where we belong. It begins as subtle whisperings and disconnections, then builds as our true self enlarges. When it no longer fits, it is because it no longer fits.
Ernest Holmes in Creative Ideas helps us to see this awareness as spiritual growth. “But to all of us there come fleeting moments when our inward vision is opened, and we seem to look out upon a newer and broader horizon….. There is no reason why this awakening shall not come now. For we are not really waiting on God – God is waiting on us. All nature awaits our recognition, and even the Divine Spirit must await our cooperation with it.”

I am thankful for the messages of guidance which come to me.
May we all be blessed today to hear our inner voice, to follow the footsteps ahead, and rejoice in the new life that awaits us.