“The central question of the happy life is not, am I happy? The real question must be, what do I do every day that gives me happiness? I AM responsible for the condition of my soul.”
[Joan Chittister, Monastic Way]

Each day brings promise and opportunity, experiences and growth of our choosing.
“A sense of purpose is at the very top of the pyramid of self-actualization” Dr Wayne Dyer writes about Maslow’s hierarchy in The Power of Intention. “Through his research, Dr Maslow discovered that those who feel purposeful are living the highest qualities that humanity has to offer…..you’ll discover that your purpose is not as much about what you do as it is about how you feel.”

I give thanks for opportunities each day for me, for us, to bring goodness into the world.
May we all be blessed to see the opportunities around us, to act with purpose, and to feel the essence of knowing there is contribution to a greater whole.