“You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden, or even your bath tub.”
[Elizabeth Kubler Ross]

The day is very cloudy and humid and that by itself slows down the momentum. I can breathe. It is a day of solitude and stillness for me, for even as I move about I am conscious of the space I create between steps. When I yearn for balance, I seek repetitions in my life.
The basic patterns of living that have served me well over time. I make bread. It’s the kneading. The simple movements over and under and folding and pushing …… something soft that yields. Dough that rises magically with time. Bread that smells like eternal home and the life you were, the life you are and the life you will always be. Something of value to the soul.

I create my sanctuary as a place of refuge and replenishment within my being.
I ask that we would all be blessed today with an asylum of our making where our reflections mirror the beauty within us.
Sending love and peace to you~