“Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you greater good”
[Catherine Ponder]

I love when my life is filled with the energy of desire. It gives me direction and motivation to venture forth.
Dr Wayne Dyer in his book The Power of Intention expresses it by saying “The field of intention which is responsible for all of creation, is constantly giving – in fact, it knows no bounds to its giving. It just keeps on converting pure formless spirit into a myriad of material forms….
So we’re looking at two major conceptualizations when we think of the universal mind’s natural abundance. The first is that it’s perpetually giving, and the second is that it offers an infinite supply.”

I welcome thoughts of desire and abundance into my life.
I ask that we would all be blessed today to open our minds and hearts to the unending flow of goodness into our lives.