“Change really becomes a necessity when we try not to do it”
[Anne Wilson Schaef]

I consider myself a flexible person as issues and challenges arise in my daily living, but I have come to know that I personally don’t make changes easily within myself. It always starts the same way.
There is an idea in my head that’s been hanging around for a while and keeps resurfacing. I push it back down.
Then, the entanglements occur, making my life more complicated. I expend a lot of time and energy sorting and categorizing. Rationalizing.
Then, when all else has failed to get my attention, the BIG event occurs. Something happens that I can no longer avoid. Deer in the headlights.
Then, I am able to start over, creating anew without fear or risk, now the humble student.

Julia Cameron in her book Blessings describes it this way…… “I ask in faith for guidance to come to me. I bless the humility which opens my heart to receiving help, care and spiritual protection.”
Today I ask that we would all be blessed to open our hearts to the messages and guidance coming forward, hearing Truth in all situations, having Faith in all we are asked to do.